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We work closely with you and understand the needs of your business. We work with lenders from all sectors to get you the loan you need.

Business Finance

We lend to businesses based on monthly turnover or against a property. We can secure your loan against any property that you own. If you can provide a guarantor or a personal guarantee, we can find you a loan with good rates. We offer:

Unsecured Loan

We can obtain loans for those who need an unsecured loan based on your monthly business turnover and/or your trading history.

Secured Loan

If you can provide a property as collateral, we can investigate obtaining a secured loan for you. This provides the most favourable interest rates.

Start Up Loans

You may have already discovered that most banks will not consider start-ups. We can, and we will.

Equipment Finance

Do you own any equipment, vehicles, or machinery? Why not release money from them for use in your business? Equipment refinancing is a vital method of raising cash.

Invoice Finance

If you have an invoice to get paid, but must wait for 30 days, you can get an invoice finance loan. The lender will pay your invoice upfront and collect the amount from the buyer within 30-60 days, dependent upon the agreement.

Stock Finance/Trade Finance

If you are buying stock, the lender will pay the seller in advance and issue you a stock finance/trade finance loan to pay, based upon the agreement.

Ecommerce Finance

If you own a profitable ecommerce site, you can take out an ecommerce loan to fund the marketing, pay for equipment, buy stock, or hire staff.

Small Loans

We can issue a pre-payment-style credit card for you to use for business purposes. These range from £500 to £5,000. You pay interest only on the amount that you use.

Large Loans

We can arrange a loan up to £500K, payable over 5 years; however, there are certain criteria that you must meet. Our acceptance rate is above 90%.