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Welcome to loans4business, a personalized business service that is focused on finding the best loan for you and your business, based on your professional preferences and personal goals. Our experienced agents work with your business requirements and with qualified lenders to find the right loan for your business.

We offer many types of loans to small and medium-sized businesses. Our loans range from £2,500 up to £500K, with the average being between £50-100K. We can offer:

We do not confuse you by partnering with 70 or more different lenders and/or brokers; we work more closely with 5-10 business lenders.

We are not a price comparison website; rather than using one algorithm for every business, we listen to you and approach those lenders who can provide the best loan for your business.

When you establish a new business loan through Loans4business, we reward you. You may choose from any number of free gifts, including up to £500 cash back, quality tablet PCs, power banks, or acoustic noise-cancelling headphones.

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About Us

Your company needs a range of financing options when it come to taking out a business loan. You need a loan broker who can help you find the right product at the right price. Our experienced representatives work with your business’s requirements and with qualified, established lenders.

Our Services

Business Finance

We lend to businesses based on monthly turnover or against a property.

Unsecured Loan

We can obtain loans for those who need an unsecured loan

Secured Loan

If you can provide a property as collateral, we can investigate obtaining a secured loan.


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